Carlos Sueños

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Imágenes Digitales

Digital Image Assets

Digital image assets by the Artist are available for purchase or licensing with exclusivity options. These original visual assets are perfect for events, concerts, projections, video walls, marketing campaigns, websites, and other high-impact visual platforms. Commissions available for projects with particular requirements.

Previews below have reduced resolution. Additional previews available via email.

Reflexiones por Eugenio María de Hostos:

Demostración de video con imágenes digitales por el Artista
Demonstration video with digital images by the Artist

Ejemplos de imágenes, curadas por el Artista:

Asset previews, curated by the Artist:

1. Buscando por sus Origenes (Searching for their Origins), 2009, mixed media

2. Geo Grafías (Geo Graphics), 2008, digital intaglio prints

3. Coralina, 2009, digital clay relief

4. Concéntrico (Concentric), digital metal relief

5. Paraíso Fantástico (Fantastic Landscape), 2009, digital metal relief

6. Warping